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  • Water, Damp Penetration and Stormwater Management Problems



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What We Can Help with:

The presence of water or significant moisture without a known source or reason for its occurrence is a cause for concern

  • Water Leaks / Water Penetration – Water entry into buildings can be a serious problem with long term expensive consequences.
  • Roof, Roof Decks – Roof systems, Concrete Roof, Roof level terraces, flat and skillion roofs, full professional waterproofing and drainage strategies.
  • Roof Deck Waterproofing – Roof Plumbing re-design, Box gutters, guttering and Down pipes.
  • Damp Problems Rising Damp, damp living environments, condensation, Mould and and high relative humidity. Ventilation, repair of water damaged walls, water under house.
  • Salt Control /salt attack – Barriers designed to deal with efflorescence.
  • Tanking – design specific systems to address water entry in living areas.
  • On Site Stormwater Management and Drainage for sloping blocks – drainage design experts in Sydney
  • Basements – Lift pits, below ground level.
  • Balcony Deck Waterproofersthresholds, sills, doorhead, drainage detailing, correct choice of materials and methodology
  • Efflorescence – white formations on concrete and brickwork (soluble salt crystallisation) Salt Attack (expansion and degradation of brickwork and concrete).
  • Planter Box Waterproofing – roof and balcony garden decks, correct choice of materials and methodology
  • Slab Edge and Concrete Elements Generally- Spalling repairs, Corrosion control, reinforcement repairs or replacement, Repairs to damaged concrete (concrete that has corrupted, broken out, delaminated or exhibits salt deposition, staining or heavy pitting)
  • Balustrade Repairs or Replacement
  • Doors, Door Frame Assemblies, Windows and all relevant flashing Storm Moulds, Sealant Systems
  • Exterior Façade Refurbishment and Waterproofing coatings
  • Free diagnosis of water entry issues and Damp Problems!
  • Movement of moisture up through floor slabs and through wall below ground levels – basement hydraulics, wet concrete floor slabs, sub-soil drainage.
  • Drainagesub surface run off and subterranean  water.
  • Sloping blocks, water entry into living areas causing mould and moisture entry.


BWC has over 30 years of experience as both experienced and skilled Building Contractors and Registered and Accredited Building Consultants – specialising in waterproofing and waterproofing related building matters of all types covering Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle area.

BWC are fully licensed Builders, very experienced and highly skilled in solving those difficult to diagnose water entry and damp penetration problems. No matter where your waterproofing problem stems from, the basement, roof, planter box, or balcony decks, our experienced team have it covered.

We also offer Consulting Services and Reports.


BWC offers an extensive range of professional waterproofing solutions to the Commercial and industrial sector. We have a vast knowledge of the type and nature of the water, damp penetration and stormwater management problems being experienced by buildings and structures such as yours.

As one of Sydney’s leading waterproofing companies, our service extends to diagnosing and providing the right solution to those protracted and on-going water entry issues you have been dealing with.

We also offer Consulting Services and Reports.


Specialists in Solutions and Repairs to Water Entry and Damp Problems