The presence of water or significant moisture without a known source or reason for its occurence is a cause for concern

  • Water Leaks / Water Penetration – Water entry into buildings can be a serious problem with long term expensive consequences.
  • Roof, Roof Decks – Roof systems, Concreate Roof, Roof level terraces,flat and skillion roofs, full professional WATERPROOFING and drainage strategies.
  • Roof Plumbing, Roof Plumbing re-design, Box gutters, guttering and Downpipes.
  • Damp Problems – Rising Damp, damp living environments, condensation, Mould and high relative humidity. Ventilation, repair of water damaged walls, water under house.
  • Salt Control / Barriers
  • Efflorescence – white formations on concrete and brickwork (soluble salt crystallisation) Salt Attack (expension and degradation of brickwork and concrete).
  • On Site Stormwater Management and Drainage – drainage experts in Sydney
  • Basements – Flooding
  • We fix Water Leaks and Damp Problems!
  • Wateroproofing Contractors in Sydney, North Sydney, Central  Coast, Lake Macquarie to Newcastle.
  • Movement of moisture up through floor slabs and through wall below ground levels.
  • Balcony Deck Waterproofing
  • Tanking. Negative and Positive
  • Planter Box Waterproofing
  • Slab Edge and Concrete Elements Generally – Spalling repairs, Corrosion control, reinforcement repairs or replacement, Repairs to damaged concrete (concrete that has corrupted, broken out, delaminated or exhibits salt deposition, staining or heavy pitting)
  • Balustrade Repairs or Replacement
  • Doors, Door Frame Assemblies, Windows and all relevant flashing Storm Moulds, Sealant Systems
  • Exterior Façade Refurbishment and Waterproofing