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All too often, penetration of water through the top surfaces and exposed edges of both reinforced concrete balconies and timber framed balconies, leads to deterioration of the balconies themselves, and other significant defects, such as concrete spalling (which we will discuss later), corrosion of balustrade connection points and bases, failure of soffit coatings and loss of adhesion of soffit coatings, and other unsightly flaws such as the leaching of soluble salts. 


Ensure the longevity and safety of your balcony deck with waterproofing

The correct approach, is of course is the installation of robust and appropriate waterproofing membrane system “that lasts”!  The use materials that are not of the optimum type, that are below thickness or required dry film build, that re-emulsify etc etc will only lead to inordinate repair costs.  Tiling by the way, is not an effective or acceptable waterproofing measure.  Membranes normally, and best, are situated to the structural deck, below the tile bed and tiles.

There is a lot of information and other work details in relation to appropriate waterproofing of balconies.  Please speak to us about this.


We provide balcony and roof deck waterproofing throughout Sydney and beyond

The waterproofing of roof decks has strong similarities to that of exposed balconies.

As it is for balconies, there are a wide variety of waterproofing methods that can be used.  Firstly, the type of roof deck, the construction materials used, the location and environmental factors, size, design, construction details such as “ at the junction of the deck and parapet/balustrade, and at the junction of the deck and wall/door openings” all have a bearing on the appropriate choice of membrane systems to be used.  As far as we are concerned, in the vast majority of cases this will lead to a decision to use a multi-layer, modified bituminous sheet membrane system, complete with detailing peculiar to the chosen system.  And of course there are other factors and extraneous matters that influence the decision


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