Combat Rising Damp with Sydney’s Damp Proofing Specialists

Rising damp is the process where brickwork, and other porous building elements draw up ground moisture and soluble salts on a more or less continual basis. This moisture also brings with it nitrates and sulphates that are deposited in plasterwork, causing further cosmetic and structural damage. The most common way a solving this insidious problem, is the installation of a new damp proof course.

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Our specialists have the experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive, effective solutions. Once we have terminated the rising moisture then the consequential repairs can be replaced and the living areas are returned to normal. The effects of a damp home go beyond the building itself, and while it can lead to expensive issues, the related health risks are equally severe.

Moisture attracts mould, pests and dust mites, which may lead to respiratory illnesses and other diseases that come with vermin such as rats. Pest attack, white ants can be detrimental and costly to building components.  Preventing water entry in your Sydney home is about more than simply maintaining your house; it is about knowing that all moisture issues are resolved resulting in health and happiness for your family.

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