Planter Box Waterproofing for Sydney Homes and Gardens

When designing your home a long term investment, it is imperative to have regard for areas that may present problems down the track.  An example of this is waterproofing to wet areas, planterboxes, balcony decks and the like.  Without adequate waterproofing, it can have an adverse effect and ultimately cause expensive repairs. A leaking planter can lead to dampness and moisture damage. BWC can provide a professional waterproofing service that will ensure that even the most porous material is impregnable to water and moisture.


Our waterproofing experts can waterproof your planter boxes effectively

Planter boxes are a popular choice for people who want to have a garden, but lack the space or time to maintain one. They offer several advantages over ground planting, such as the ability to move them as needed without the need to replant, and it is easier to regulate and monitor soil nutrient levels. In the tightly packed Sydney CBD and inner suburbs, a planter box is the ideal way to sate your appetite for gardening.


We come to you with planter box waterproofing throughout Sydney

The BWC team will bring their waterproofing expertise to your location and take care of all your garden boxes. We cover a huge area including all of the Sydney suburbs, and as far north and Newcastle and the Central Coast. This enables people everywhere to experience the high-quality of our work and the complete professionalism of our services. We offer a comprehensive range of waterproofing expertise, making us the only business you need to call. From basements to balconies, and everything in between, we have the track record.

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