Sydney’s experts in drainage problems and solutions

Experiencing water under your house or internally resulting in mould, musty smells and dampness to internal living areas. Need a solution? Then BWC Building Professionals, can provide waterproofing and drainage solutions to deal with these problems.

Our drainage designs are tailored to resolve your specific problem, no matter the size.  BWC are happy to discuss your individual needs to help you understand our design approach. We keep you informed of the process, and give you satisfaction knowing that your concerns are dealt with.


Our team of contractors will help you with poor drainage of water on your property

BWC can provide solutions to drainage problems being experienced on sloping blocks of land.

Our services include consultation, prospective inspections and explanations on how to resolve the surface and subterranean run-off water. We also provide roof waterproofing and damp-proofing services for other water damage solutions. If you’re not sure what the problem is, just get in touch with our knowledgeable team, and we’ll be able to figure out the best available solution.


Specialists for commercial, residential and industrial drainage

BWC have different applications for buildings that are experiencing water entry from poor drainage.  Whether that is internal waterproofing tanking (design specific), external waterproofing tanking or diversionary drainage, we can inspect and discuss these options with you. Make sure you book a service as soon as a problem arises, so we can get you the best and most cost-effective solution available.


Talk to our professional team to find out more

If you are after drainage solutions, or not sure what your problem could be, feel free to contact our friendly team today. We are happy to answer any of your concerns regarding our service and what we can offer you.  So, give us a call on 0405 399 544, or fill out an enquiry form online.