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Protect and enhance your biggest investment, externally and internally.  Water is insidious and if not dealt with sooner rather than later, costly consequential damage to your property may occur.  Preventative methods will be a cost-effective solution for your home, office or workspace.

We provide waterproofing solutions for building components that are suffering water entry. Our services cover the commercial, residential and industrial markets.  So, whatever water entry issue you may be experiencing, we can provide you with options to give you a good result.


Combat internal consequential water damage from leaking roof decks and damaged flat roofs before it’s too late

As the first point of defence to the outside elements, it’s crucial that your roof decks are maintained. With BWC Building Professionals, you will have the reassurance that correct materials and methodology is provided to give the best long term solution and satisfaction.  Ensure you’ve protected and enhanced your biggest investment and book with our expert team at BWC.

Choose a professional service that will provide you with a long-lasting fix.


Concrete waterproofing to prevent further damages

If you’ve got assets that you want to protect, then BWC should be your first choice. Our specialist waterproofing services are available throughout Sydney as well as northern suburbs, Central Coast and Newcastle. Should you need the services of a specialist to diagnose and provide a suitable solution to your water entry needs, then we are close to the phone.

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We’re available to talk to you about our services and solutions to your water entry problems. Call us on 0405 399 544 to get in touch, or use our website to fill out an enquiry form.