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Water damage can cause major issues for a home or building. It affects more than just the look of the walls and it can have dire consequences for the structural integrity. The walls of a building are more than simply the outer shell and they include the framework, which holds the structure up. If left unchecked, water damage can impact this framework and cause irreversible problems. This will then affect the safety of the house, leading to expensive repairs and possibly necessitate rebuilding. Water damage can have a wide variety of causes, such as rising damp, lateral damp, and inadequate waterproofing.


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The team at BWC will perform a comprehensive assessment of your home’s walls. We can then determine the extent of the issues and what measures will need to be taken. BWC has a good track record dealing with water damage and the associated problems for many years, giving us the ability to provide expert insight and devise an effective solution. Regardless of the severity and nature of your problem, and with our vast experience we can provide the best remedy and best results.


We provide our services for walls throughout Sydney and beyond


We cover Sydney and the surrounding suburbs, with our services extending as far north as Newcastle and the Central Coast. This enables us to provide our expertise to more people, growing our already impeccable reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you have problems with damage or damp, need waterproofing services, or anything else in our range of services, we can provide it to you, wherever you happen to be.


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