We resolve water and damp issues.

Water Leaks / Penetration

Water entry into buildings can be a serious problem with long term expensive consequences. Water leaks, Water damage restoration
Doors, Door Frame Assemblies, Windows and all relevant flashings Storm Moulds, Sealant Systems

Storm Moulds, Sealant Systems

Doors, Door Frame Assemblies, Windows and all relevant flashings

Roof Plumbing

Roof systems, Concrete Roofs, Roof level terraces, flat and skillion roofs, full professional WATERPROOFING and drainage strategies, Roof water leaks.

Roof Plumbing, Roof Plumbing re-design, Box gutters, guttering and Downpipes.


Rising Damp, damp living environments, musty smell,condensation, Mould / mold and high relative humidity. Ventilation, repair of water damaged walls.


white formations on concrete and brickwork (soluble salt crystallisation) Salt Attack (expansion and degradation of brickwork and concrete).

On Site Stormwater Management and Drainage

stormwater runoff, stormwater system, stormwater drainage design, drainage system, backyard flooding

Movement of moisture up through floor slabs and through wall

below ground levels

Lower ground water entry

below ground levels

Planter Box Waterproofing

Slab Edge and Concrete Elements Generally

Balustrade Repairs or Replacement


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